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You know where you want to go. We'll help you get there. Every resume is tailored to suit your target audience. From strategy to design, we help get you noticed. 

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Your Professional Résumé Draft

You are welcome to submit your information through our "Get Started" page by filling out our information form or attaching a previous resume to an email and submitting it to us. We will contact you with a quote and then if everything looks good, we'll set-up an interview, where we will discuss your career future, direction and plan-of-action.

Your draft will be sent to you over-the-Internet in Word format. We like you to review your resume and make any changes, additions and/or deletions directly to the document. If you have any alignment problems, we'll be happy to assist you with realigning within a weeks' time.

If we haven't heard back from you within the above time period, we will consider you a happy customer. Any time after that, Professional Résumés will be happy to assist you in updating and/or recomposing your résumé for a small fee, which ranges between $35 - $119, depending on your needs.

Final Résumé

After everything looks fine on your résumé, we ask that you transfer your résumé onto your computer as well as make a disk or thumb drive copy and keep in a safe place. We have had numerous calls in the past years from clients who have had computer meltdowns and of course we will be more than happy to resend you your last résumé at a small fee. Please remember to make that disk/thumb drive and update with your latest revisions as you progress in your career.

Payment • Policies

We accept Visa, Master Card and DIscover credit and debit cards • Non-refundable $99 deposit per page. No refunds on cover letters or reference sheets, or on any other documents sent in Word format. When paying by credit card, we run the credit card for the full amount after the interview and will email you your digital information the following business day.

If there is a special need or service that you would like to find out about and have not seen it listed, we encourage you to ask us so we may help.

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Professional Résumés works with clients nationwide by creating compelling, custom-tailored résumés that get you noticed. They assist clients entering the workforce, advancing in their careers to changing career direction.

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