What to do with your résumé

You will want to use a seven-pronged approach to cover all your bases. This process incorporates various ways to use:



Twenty percent (20%) of all jobs are advertised in your local newspaper each week. Therefore, there are 80% more jobs out there that you don't know about and that you could be the candidate. In my opinion, pounding the pavement is the best form in obtaining a new position. Find the company you would best like to work with and create a job/career for yourself and knock on their door, give them a reason, build a campaign on why they need you. :

Approach the company with a positive and confident attitude, asking if they have any openings or if they would give you a call if an opening occurred. Make sure you follow-up with a phone call a few weeks later, a thank you follow-up letter, especially if someone took the time to meet with you, you never know when someone will resign. :

Be very gracious to the front desk personnel (gatekeeper) when trying to advance through or obtain information, he/she may be your ticket to success. Always treat them as an equal, never act condescending towards him/her, you never know....... :

More to come soon.......