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Each resume is tailored for your employment needs and starts with a tailored price tag.

If you like, contact me directly at JenCunn@aol.com or give me a call at (512) 636-3609 as I'd love to help. 

I'll send a "Get Started" email asking for some information. I'll review what you send, provide a ballpark quote and if everything looks great, we can set-up a brief interview between 10am-2pmCST and then I'll turn your resume around the following business day.


  • One page résumé for entry-level and clients with less than a years' experience


  • One page résumé for mid-level clients that have been in the workplace for awhile or with experience in Office Administration, Administration Management, Teaching, Nursing, Training, Supervision, Mid-Level Management, etc.


  • One page résumé for middle and upper-level clients with Administrative Management, Mid/Upper-Level Management and Operations, Supervision, Executive Management, Technical, Training, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Social Media experience, etc.


  • Additional pages (2nd Page, depending on the extent of the information) Priced per page.

$35 - $119 

  • Cover Letter (on initial visit $29, any time after $49)


  • Reference Sheet (on initial visit$17, any time after $25)


  • Re-composition, updates and/or changes (as you progress in your career, we will be happy to update for you)

$35 - $149

Professional Resumes accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards 

Professional Resumes
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Professional Résumés
Professional Résumés works with clients nationwide by creating compelling, custom-tailored résumés that get you noticed. They assist clients entering the workforce, advancing in their careers to changing career direction.

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